How to manage GDMA accounts

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GDMA credentials 

The credentials used by the deployed GDMA agents need to be managed so the calls to auto-registration and auto-setup can be properly authorized and succeed. By default, a new GroundWork server is configured to use the username gdma with password gdma. It is recommended to change the password regularly.

Change GDMA password

  1. To change the password for a GDMA account, as a user with the Admin role, from the Administration menu item, choose Security.
  2. Under the section for GDMA Accounts, click Update and enter and confirm the new password. 

    / character use

    Do not use the “/” character in the password. It is accepted, but can cause issues in some cases.

    change gdma password

Change GDMA username

To change the GDMA username, you actually define a second one, with its own password. You can have two accounts active at the same time, which allows you to migrate the agent configurations to the new account periodically.

  1. Click Add GDMA Account and fill out the form. 
    change gdma username

Change password and username on the agent

To change the password and user name on the agent, as root user, you can update the the following file on each agent:


and change the parameters:


to reflect the new values.


These parameters are in clear text, however, the file itself is restricted to superuser access only. We recommend using a configuration management tool such as Ansible or Puppet to manage large numbers of agents in this way.

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