How to create custom groups

Custom Groups are collections of host group or service group objects at the user interface level and provide a more streamlined navigation and logical organization of monitors.

Creating a custom group

  1. As an Administrator, select ConfigurationCustom Groups.
  2. Click on the CG+ icon to add a custom group.
  3. Fill in a Name (must be unique) and Description for the new group.
  4. Check the box next to each available group to be added as a group member.
  5. Click Add.

    creating a custom group

Editing a custom group

A custom group can be edited by right clicking the title and selecting Edit, Create Custom Group, Delete or Other, each described below:

  • Edit: Remove or add group members
  • Create Custom Group: Create a custom group at the root level or within an existing custom group
  • DeleteGroup or Group, and make children root nodes
    • Group: Remove a custom group and its members
    • Group, and make children root nodes: Remove the custom group and make any children root
  • Other - Detach and make root: Detach the custom group and move it with any children to the root level

    editing a custom group

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