How to create a new user

Default system users include admin, operator, and user. This page steps through adding a new user using an existing role.

Adding a new user

  1. Login as an Administrator, hover over Administration and select Users.
  2. Click the + icon at the top of the screen.

    administration users
  3. On the New User screen, enter the user information:
    • Enter the fields User Name (e.g, first initial last name), First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
    • Continue by clicking No Roles Assigned and assign appropriate role(s) for the user. Roles map to application pages, actions, hostgroups, service groups and custom groups. 
    • If LDAP is enabled you can enter the LDAP User Name.
    • Optionally, click the user image to add a new image.
    • Click Save.

      add new user
    • Enter, confirm and set a user password. LDAP user passwords cannot be changed in this UI.

      set user password
    • Existing user configurations can be edited using the action icons at the top of the Users page. In addition to adding users, each user selected can be updated; roles can be modified, status can be set (active/inactive), and users can be removed. To change a user password, click the user name and select Change Password. Non administrative users may change their own passwords.

      user icon options

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