How to create a new role

System Roles, which cannot be removed, include AdminOperatorUserBSM-Admin, and BSM-User. By default, the user account admin is assigned the system roles Admin and BSM-Admin, the user account operator is assigned the system role Operator, and the user account user is assigned the system roles User and BSM-User. This page steps through adding a new role.

Adding a new role

  1. Login as an Administrator, hover over Administration and select Roles.
  2. Click the + icon at the top of the screen.

    administration roles
  3. On the New Role screen, enter the role information:
    • Enter the field Role Name.
    • Next, by clicking No Groups Assigned for Host Groups, Service Groups, and/or Custom Groups, select the groups to be associated with the new role. This role will be restricted to the selected groups.
    • Click Save.

      new role
  4. The new role can now be assigned to user(s).

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