What component versions are used in GroundWork

Component versions

ComponentGW8 versionHow to find it
Docker18.09.5cd gw8
docker version
GDMA clientWindows GDMA"C:\Program Files (x86)\groundwork\gdma\bin\gdma_run_checks.exe" -v

Linux GDMA/usr/local/groundwork/gdma/bin/gdma_run_checks.pl -v

Solaris GDMA/opt/groundwork/gdma/bin/gdma_run_checks.pl -v

AIX GDMA/usr/local/groundwork/gdma/bin/gdma_run_checks.pl -v
Grafana5.4.3cd gw8
docker-compose exec grafana bash
/usr/share/grafana$ grafana-cli -v
GroundWork Monitor8.0.0Your running GroundWork Monitor version is display on the log in screen.
Monarch5.5Configuration > Nagios Monitoring > Control > Setup
Nagios3.xConfiguration > Nagios Monitoring > Control > Setup
Net-SNMP5.8cd gw8
docker-compose exec nagios bash
snmpwalk --version
Enter the following commands to display the OS version you are running:
cd gw8
docker-compose exec nagios bash
cat /etc/*-release