How do I submit a GroundWork support request

Submitting requests

  1. Go to the GroundWork Support portal at
  2. Click Submit a Ticket from the link at the center of the screen or from the Resources drop-down.
    • This option is available from all portal pages.
      submit a ticket
  3. Log in with your service desk account credentials.
    • For new accounts click Sign up for an account.
      new account sign up
  4. Click one of the issue types to submit a ticket.
    issue type
  5. Fill out the request fields and create your ticket.
    • Note: The Share with field is only visible if Organizations have been configured. Selecting Private request shares the issue with only GroundWork agents. Selecting Share with Organization shares the issue with GroundWork agents and all members of the selected organization. Organizations are set up by a GroundWork administrator and include registered support users from within the same company.
      support request details

Managing requests

  1. Go to GroundWork Support at
  2. Select Submit a Ticket and log in with your support credentials.
  3. To view a list of requests, click Requests from the top right corner, then select My Requests, an Organization, or All Requests (your requests and associated organization requests). 
    • To change your profile options select the Profile icon located at the upper right corner.
      support profile options
  4. Within the Requests screen you can filter issues by various categories.
    • Initially tickets will show the status of Waiting for Support and be assigned to Unassigned.
    • Your submitted tickets will only be visible to you, GroundWork agents, and any selected organization members.
      support requests sort
  5. Click the Reference number from the list of requests to view ticket details.
    • You can then choose to comment, share, escalate, resolve, or cancel the request. 
    • You will receive notifications of ticket updates.
    • To submit an additional ticket click the GroundWork square icon at the top center of the page.
      submit multiple tickets