How to add resource links in status summary

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Links provide easy access to resources from Status Summary pages. This action is used to add an internal GroundWork link or an external web link URL, to provide more information about an entity; host, service, host group, service group, or custom group.

Links added to entity pages can link viewers to, for example; a documentation system (e.g., a runbook), a ticketing system, an application performance monitoring system, maps, dashboards, or simply emergency contact instructions.

Link to options are based on the entity type, for example, when adding a link to a host entity, the link can be added to just the host, to all of the host services, or to all hosts or all services in GroundWork Monitor (globally).

Additionally, an administrator can permit all roles or specific roles visibility to links.

How to add a link

  1. Go to a Status Summary page in which to add a link to.
  2. From the right side of the screen, select Actions > Add link.
  3. The New Resource Link dialog displays link association options on the left side, and link details on the right.
  4. Referencing the table below, select where the link will be added (Link to), the type of link to add (internal, external, current tab, new tab), the actual external URL or GroundWork internal Link, and the roles to be permitted access to the link.
  5. Click Create
    New resource link dialog

    Link to?This is the location the link will be added to. The options listed will depend on the entity selected. 
    Link type?The link type External uses https and links outside of the GroundWork Monitor system, while the Internal type links to a relative GroundWork internal network URL. Type options include the link to be opened in a new tab or current tab.
    URL/LinkFor External link type: The absolute path URL to the location on the web (https://...).

    For Internal link type: The relative path URL to the location on the GroundWork system (e.g., /it/graphs…)

    Service and host substitutions: For a selected service (host) you can substitute the service name or GroundWork service ID (host name or GroundWork host ID) using one following options: [[HOSTNAME]] [[HOSTID]] [[SERVICENAME]] [[SERVICEID]].
    Link Display TextOptional. The link text displayed on the status page.
    RolesThe roles permitted access to the link.
    DetailsCreated on: Date/time link created
    Created by: User link created by
    Last updated: Date/time link updated
    AdvancedPriority: Options for listing alpha, higher, highest. Link priority is used for when there are many links for a give resource, and determines how they will be ordered, the default is alpha, higher is over alpha and highest is the top.
    For admin onlyOverrides any Roles and restricts to admin user only.

How to remove a link

  1. Click on the small pencil icon  to the right of the link.
  2. Click Delete Link.

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