How to generate SLA reports

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Once your SLAs are established you can export the data or run a graphical report. The SLA database slareports is available for direct SQL queries and can be used to create custom reports. SLA reports provide a look at the contract items and show the time calculations of the different states of operation including OK, Warning, and Critical, and also the target availability and the actual availability for a specified time period. With the SLA Reports option you can output selected contract items to the UI or export by hostgroup to an .xml file.

Generating SLA reports

  1. Select Reports > SLA Reports.
  2. Select the type of report you wish to generate, Website Report or XML Report.
    • For a website report, select the predefined SLA contract(s) and click Run report.
    • For a XML report, select a host group, date and period, and click Generate.

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