How to configure BSM groups

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The Business Service Monitoring (BSM) feature provides the capability to represent the condition of business groups, processes and applications according to the combined states of individually monitored hosts and services. The method allows the free combining of hosts, services and/or groups as components of named groups. The combinations can be assigned numerical values to weigh or qualify the member items. In this way you can produce a hierarchical representation of the state of business services independently of the methods used to monitor components. Notifications and state changes of BSM groups are integrated into the GroundWork Monitor system using the Notification Manager (NoMa) engine and the Status Summary for further processing. Creating BSM entities and enabling them does not require configuration changes and subsequent commits.

Creating BSM groups

  1. Go to Configuration > BSM and SLAs > BSM.
  2. Select the Manage groups tab.
  3. Click the Create button.

    manage bsm groups
  4. Next, you'll need to define what makes up the BSM group and how it should be monitored. To describe the section components the images show an example group monitoring CPU utilization for several EC2 instance.  
    • Starting with the top section, fill in the fields for DisplayDescriptionNoteInfo Text (any extra information), and Info URL (option to associate a URL).

      bsm group fields
  5. Next, checking the box for Monitoring enables monitoring for this BSM group, meaning the results will show up in GroundWork Monitor.
  6. When the monitoring box, from the previous step, is checked the Host DefinitionService DefinitionHostgroupPriority, and Notification fields are exposed for entries:
    • Host Definition and Service Definition are a named host / service in which the BSM check process will send the check results, these can be monitored names or representative business service names.
    • Hostgroup definition is a named host group in which the BSM host will be added. This can be monitored name or representative business service name. 
    • Priority can be set to High, Medium, or Low for each group, which enables only High priority groups to be displayed within the View groups tab.
    • The Notification option is used to build your own notification format.
      • As stated on screen, you can build your notification format with HTML (inline CSS and JS), and the following tags can be used: [DISPLAY], [DESCRIPTION], [NOTE], [INFOURL], [INFOTEXT], [OUTPUT], [LONGOUTPUT] AND [STATUS].

      bsm fields continued 1
  7. Checking the Thresholds box enables thresholds to be set for the group, and determines what is reported.

    When creating a new BSM group you will need indicate the Group Members before setting Thresholds. If you are using Thresholds skip to step 9, then return to this step.

    • The thresholds are set using a count entry (default) or by a percent entry (check box). 

    • The threshold is the count or percent of problems that must be reached in a group before the state changes to Critical or Warning. For example, Critical is set to 3 problems and Warning set to 2 problems, and if there are two problems within the group's members a Warning state will be reported, if 3 a Critical state will be reported, if 1 an OK state is reported.

      bsm fields continued 2

  8. Selecting Show States you can indicate specific states to be counted as problems, by default all states are selected excluding UP and OK

    state problems

  9. The bottom left section, using the filters to search, add Available Members to the Group Members on the right, then Save the BSM group. You are selecting the members to be included int the BSM group you are creating, which based on the members state, essential settings, and any thresholds, will determine the state of the overall BSM group.
    • Available Member
      • Available members are configured hosts, services, service groups, and BSM groups which you can Add to the BSM Group Members column.
      • To search Available Members click a radio button for the desired output, and enter a search criteria for the appropriate element (e.g., we want a Service output for the Hosts beginning with the string training).
    • Group Members:
      • Group members make up what is to be monitored within the BSM group being created and is populated from the available members on the left.
      • Checking the Essential box for a group member, enables that member to decide the entire groups state.
      • Non-essential members will cluster together. The state is calculated on the threshold settings. 

        available bsm members

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