How to configure SLA dashboards

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The SLA Dashboards feature allows an administrator to configure status and availability dashboards using SLA, status, and other image elements. Dashboards can also be displayed in the SLA Carousel feature, which provides users a glance of each of dashboard on a rotating basis.

Creating an SLA dashboard

  1. Go to Configuration > BSM and SLAs > SLA Dashboards and click Create.
  2. Enter a Title and Description for the dashboard.
  3. Check the Show on dashboard carousel for this dashboard to display when viewing the Dashboards > SLA Carousel feature is used.
  4. Click Create.

  5. Next, add the dashboard elements:
    • SLA elements: These are tied to configured SLA contracts, and offer a quick graphic views for downtime (used, remaining, max), log list (states), pie chart (run, down times...), report table (similar to pie w/availability), Tachometer (availability in %), timeline (periodic color coded status), and availability timetable
    • Status elements: Include a list of services widget and a status widget for a host, host group, service, service group, or custom group.
    • Other elements: Enables the addition of boxes, images, text, or iframes (including Grafana dashboards).

  6. For example, add a Tacho element by:
    • Selecting the SLA Elements section.
    • Dragging the Tacho button to the dashboard canvas.
    • Selecting the options including a configured SLA contract.
    • After selecting Create, you should see the image reflecting the selected SLA contract, shown in the image above.
  7. To edit an element, right click on the element and select Configuration. You can also clone and delete an element.
    • If you create more than one dashboard and have check the box to show on dashboard carousel, you can view the rotation of these dashboards by going to Dashboards > SLA Carousel.

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