How to enable sendEmail with TLS with NoMa

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GroundWork Monitor allows you to send email notifications with modern email services such as Gmail or Office 365, as a TLS compliant client. These instructions will walk you through the steps of setting up this client with the NoMa notification manager.

What you'll need:

  • A service user email account to authenticate and send email on the service (e.g., Gmail account)
  • An app password for the user account
  • Outbound network access on port 587 or similar port (usually open if you use one of these hosted email services)

Configuring TLS compliant client with NoMa

  1. Log in to the command line on your GroundWork 8 server, and go to the gw8 directory.

  2. Edit the gw8.env file and add the following lines:

    where is your email service endpoint and port, is the service user email account, and myapppassword is the app password.

  3. Restart the NoMa daemon after making this change to have the system pick up the new configuration:

    docker-compose kill noma_daemon
    docker-compose up -d noma_daemon
  4. To test, enter the following from the command line:

    docker-compose exec noma_daemon /usr/bin/sendEmail -f -t -u 'test from noma' -m '***** NoMa *****' -u 'test from noma'  

    where is the service account, and is an email account you have access to. You should see the test email arrive within a few minutes. If you have something other than a message on the screen with email sent successfully, please correct the issue before proceeding. 

  5. Restart the NoMa daemon:

    docker-compose kill noma_daemon
    docker-compose up -d noma_daemon

    At this point, you should be able to configure contacts in the NoMa notification screens, and see email coming through when notifications are triggered.

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