How to configure Cloud Hub connectors

GroundWork Cloud Hub is a data collector agent specialized in gathering metrics from a variety of virtual environments and integrating them seamlessly into the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise system. This section reviews each of the GroundWork supported virtualization environments:

Over license limit

It is recommended to check your license limit prior to configuring Cloud Hub connections. 

If you need to delete Cloud Hub connectors and can't log in to GroundWork Monitor to do so because the addition of connectors created enough hosts to exceed your license hard limit, please see Cloud Hub troubleshooting. 


  • When configuring connectors, you will see the initial Cloud Hub screen is used to add a new connection or to start, stop, modify, obtain status for, or delete existing connections.
    • The Start option enables a configured connector to begin the discovery and data collection process.
    • If you decide you do not want to monitor a particular region, simply select Stop for the corresponding connector, the connectors configuration will be maintained for a subsequent start.
    • Modify opens the Configuration page with a link to the Metrics screen. Status provides connection status information including error details. If a configured connector fails to connect, a connector-specific service will be updated to a Warning state, or Critical if you run out of retries (hosts will still become Unreachable and services Unknown if retries are exhausted).
    • To stop and completely Delete a connection, see How to delete hosts.
  • You will also want to understand the navigation when configuring connectors. From the Cloud Hub Configuration page, various reference to navigation are on display in the top navigation bar depending on your location. You can navigate to:
    • Home - Cloud Hub home page
    • Metrics - Metrics configuration page associated with this Cloud Hub connection
    • Configuration - Cloud Hub configuration page
  • When creating a new configuration, the Metrics link is not visible until you successfully save the configuration parameters. Once you are satisfied with your configuration settings, click Save, then click the Metrics link in the navigation bar to start customizing your metrics for this connection. Also, the Save button is not enabled until all required fields are validated. If you make changes on the configuration page, and forget to save, you will be prompted.