How to edit service threshold overrides

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Service thresholds

Thresholds are markers that indicate certain levels were reached. For example, a service that measures disk usage is typically set with a warning threshold of 80% and critical of 90% of disk used. If thresholds are set too low, you will receive more frequent alerts, and if they are set to high you may not be alerted of important issues. 

GroundWork service status is set by the source application (Nagios, Cloud Hub, etc.), and is fed to GroundWork Foundation for display in the user interface. Nearly all services have thresholds, though there are exceptions and custom service checks that do not.  However, when a service follows standard formatting and completeness rules, you can override thresholds in GroundWork on an individual host-service basis. Such threshold overrides can be edited for both Nagios monitored and Cloud Hub monitored resources.

Threshold overrides can be edited by selecting More ActionsEdit Thresholds for a service resource in the Status Summary. To edit just type over the existing value and select Save. Only users who have rights to see and act on a monitored resource will be able to edit a service threshold.

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