How to create a new user

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Default system users include admin, operator, and user. This page steps through adding a new user.

Adding a new user

  1. Login as an Administrator and navigate to Administration > Users.
  2. Click the  icon at the top right of the screen.

  3. On the New User screen, enter the user information:
    • Enter the fields User Name (e.g., first initial last name), First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
    • Continue by clicking No Roles Assigned and assign appropriate role(s) for the user, e.g., East Region. Roles map to application pages, actions, hostgroups, service groups and custom groups. 

      If you are creating a new user with the Admin role you may want to consider also adding the role BSM-Admin. This will enable the user to fully use the BSM application and create contacts for notifications.

    • If LDAP is enabled you can enter the LDAP User Name.
    • Optionally, click the user image to add a new image.
    • Click Save.

      new user
  4. Enter, confirm and set a user password.

    LDAP user passwords cannot be changed in this UI.

    set password

  5. Existing user configurations can be edited using the action icons at the top of the Users page. In addition to adding users, each user selected can be updated; roles can be modified, status can be set (active/inactive), and users can be removed. To change a user password, click the user name and select Change Password. Non administrative users may change their own passwords.

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