Q: How do I submit a support ticket?

A: Click SUBMIT A TICKET from above, then log in or create an account.

  1. Click SUBMIT A TICKET from the top menu navigation.
  2. Log in with your service desk account credentials, or for new accounts click Sign up for an account.
  3. Click an issue type for your request; SupportLicenseFeature, or Professional Services.
  4. Fill-in the request form and click Create

    For a Support Request type you will see the following fields, please note after a request has been created, the fields SummaryDescriptionPriority, and Affects Version/s can be later edited only by a GroundWork agent. 
    • Summary: Enter a brief summary of your request
    • Description: Enter a detailed summary of your request
    • Priority: Select a priority that best fits your request; Blocker, High, Medium, Low, Minor
    • Affects Version/s: Select one or more versions of GroundWork Monitor related to this request
    • Attachment: Optionally add an attachment to your request
    • Share with: Your submitted tickets will only be visible to you, the GroundWork agents, and any organizations you've selected
      • Selecting an Organization name shares your issue with GroundWork agents and all members of the selected organization.
      • Selecting Private request shares your issue with only GroundWork agents. This drop-down is only visible if you have been added to an organization. Organizations are set up by a GroundWork agent and include registered support users from within the same company.
  5. Support request email notifications will be sent to the logged in user email.

    An Email notification will be sent for support request activity. Please do not respond to requests via Email, instead use the links within the notification or just log into GroundWork Support and select Submit a Ticket to manage your support requests. Replying to an Email notification does not post to a ticket.