It is possible to implement CI/CD scripting starting in GroundWork 8.6.3. This functionality is scripted, and available in a public GitHub repository.


For those with access to GroundWork Monitor docker images, it is possible to install GroundWork from these images using deployment scripts.

The following steps assume that the repository is not present on the machine on which the installation / update is being performed.

$ git clone
$ cd installer
$ vi config.yml

Once configuration of the config.yml file is completed, simply run the installation script.

$ ./

Parameters from the config.yml file:

    • gw8.tag - GW8 version you want to install/update (required)
    • gw8.image - name of the installation image (required)
    • gw8.instance_name - name of the GW8 instance (required)
    • gw8.parent_instance_name - name of the GW8 parent (for PMC installation only)
    • gw8.parent_instance_name - name of the GW8 instance (for PMC installation only)
    • gw8.timezone - timezone to use for GW8 instance
    • gw8.dir - directory to store the gw8 folder with configuration files
    • docker.user - DockerHub username to pull necessary images (required)
    • docker.password - DockerHub password to pull necessary images (required)

config.yml example

  user: admin
  password: admin

  tag: master
  image: groundworkdevelopment/gw8
  instance_name: localhost
  timezone: America/Denver
  dir: gw8


To override any of the files which would normally be found in the "ULG" volume (/usr/local/groundwork/config), simply place them in the config directory. This allows a more extensive configuration of the GroundWork installation.

For example:

  • groundwork.lic