About Nagios Monitoring

In GroundWork Monitor, the Configuration > Nagios Monitoring menu item, is devoted to configuring and managing Nagios monitored elements. For specific component configuration see the page links below.

This configuration application, also referred to as Monarch (Monitor Architect), is a full-featured, easy-to-use web based system for use with Nagios. Monarch consists of a set of tools that allow a user to easily configure and maintain Nagios monitored elements. Monarch provides a user interface versus a command line text editor to configure the monitoring system for each monitored application, service, device, etc. For current Nagios users, Monarch writes and reads Nagios configuration files, enabling it to be easily integrated into an existing installation. You can simply install the package and import your existing configuration. Experienced Nagios users can edit the Nagios configuration files and use Monarch interchangeably. 

Configuring Nagios Elements