Syslog messages can be collected and classified according to the message text, to drive status for a syslog service on an originating host.

About Syslog Monitoring — GroundWork Monitor provides a simple mechanism for analyzing syslog messages and deriving state information from them.  This can be used to watch important parts of your infrastucture and generate alerts.

Syslog Monitoring Installation — This document outlines the steps for installing and configuring Syslog Message Monitoring in GroundWork Monitor 8.

Syslog Monitoring Testing and Troubleshooting — Syslog messages come in many forms, and they are issued only sporadically, so it is important that you test your setup to make sure it is working as intended before relying on it in production.

The Syslog Monitoring feature is available starting with GroundWork Monitor 8.3.0.