About Hit List

Best used to view host and service problem totals with direct drill-down to more detail. The Hit List dashboard provides an at-a-glance and up-to-date view of all unresolved issues, both acknowledged and unacknowledged, from all monitoring sources. Hit List offers direct element links to the Status Summary where users can view detailed information and acknowledge alerts.

Navigating Hit List Dashboard

The Hit List is displayed in three sections described in the table below.

Host ProblemsService Problems
(Hosts Up)
Service Problems
(Hosts Down)

Provides host problem totals.

Shows service problem totals for hosts in an UP state.

Displays service problem totals for hosts in a DOWN state.

Host states include:

  • Host Down and Unacknowledged

  • Host Down and Acknowledged

  • Host Scheduled Down

  • Host Unreachable

Service states include:

  • Critical and Unacknowledged

  • Warning and Unacknowledged

  • Critical and Acknowledged

  • Warning and Acknowledged

Service states include:

  • Critical (on Down hosts)

  • Warning (on Down hosts)

hit list dashboard

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