Q: What open source licenses are used in GroundWork Monitor? 

A: The following licenses and packages are used in GroundWork Monitor. 

Open Source Licenses

These are used in accordance with their terms and conditions. While we make every effort to maintain this list of licenses we use, there are frequent changes, and some packages or licenses may be obsolete, or some may be missing from this list.

  • Apache License v1 and v2
  • BSD License
  • GPL Alfaro (not bundled - free download packaged)
  • General Public License (GPL)
  • GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
  • MIT License
  • OpenSSL License (Apache-style)
  • Perl Artistic License
  • PHP License
  • PostgresSQL License (An Open Academic Type License)
  • The OpenLDAP Public License
  • Attribution-style License
  • Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
  • Oracle Binary Code License (BCL)