Over license limit, can't log in to GroundWork Monitor

If you need to delete Cloud Hub connectors however, you cannot log in to GroundWork Monitor to do so because the addition of connectors created enough hosts to exceed your license hard limit, please see Cloud Hub troubleshooting.

  1. Find which Cloud Hub connectors are deployed on your system, you can do this by querying the file system.
    • From the command line of your GroundWork 8 server, change to the gw8 directory.

      user@demo:~$ cd gw8
    • Enter the following command:

      docker-compose exec cloudhub bash -c 'grep -r displayName /usr/local/groundwork/config/cloudhub/*' 

      This will give you a line of output for each deployed connector instance, and will also show you the display name so you can disambiguate multiple deployments of the same connector type. For example:

      /usr/local/groundwork/config/cloudhub/cloudhub-vmware-1.xml: <displayName>MyVMwareConnectionName</displayName> 
  2. Choose one to delete from the results, and select the filename (not the full path). For example, to delete the VMware connector named MyVMwareConnectionName (shown above), select cloudhub-vmware-1.xml.
    • Next type a curl command, substituting the filename you selected. For example, using cloudhub-vmware-1.xml:

      curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data '{ "operation": "delete", "configurationName": "cloudhub-vmware-1.xml", "username": "admin"}' http://localhost/cloudhub/api/config/delete

      If you get a 421 error, it is because you have given your GroundWork instance a name and there is a cert for the instance name. In this case it is necessary to change localhost in the previous line to the instance name.

      See the gw8.env file in the gw8 directory for the value of "GW8_INSTANCE_NAME".

    • A correct curl command will have no output to the screen, and will have an exit code of 0.

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