GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 8.2.0

An Update Install will update a previously installed version of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 8. If your installation is a fresh install, please refer to New Install.

The update installation process uses an installer file and does not require Internet access other than for the initial download. You will need to prepare your system, including a backup before your installation, get the installer file, and run the installer. It is important to start with the section 1. Pre Install and proceed to the 2. Update Install section.

1. Pre Install


This section outlines important information you'll need prior to performing an update installation of GroundWork Monitor. If you have any questions regarding these items, please submit a ticket at GroundWork Support.

 Review Release Notes for the version you are upgrading to, which contain details of issues fixed, new features, and items of interest to those users who have customized or significantly enhanced a previous version of GroundWork Monitor. 

 Verify System Requirements, for the version you are upgrading to.

 License: You will likely need to obtain a new license for 8.2.0 from GroundWork Support before upgrading. This version will not work with licenses that are specifically for 8.0.x or 8.1.x (e.g., default 50-host core licenses issued with 8.0.x), and you don't want to go all the way through an upgrade just to wait for a license to be generated before you can use the system. Existing customers are welcome to equivalent 8.2.0 licenses at no extra cost, and many existing customers have been issued licenses that are for 8.x.x, so you may just want to check with support to be sure. We offer FREE trial licenses. Just ask here!

 It is essential that you perform a full system backup before updating your installation.

 Check the file for an incompatible modification and correct it if necessary. 

2. Update Install

Running the Installer will update an existing GroundWork Monitor installation without any changes to configuration or license.

  1. Open a command line to the directory where you installed GroundWork Monitor 8. This is the directory above the gw8 directory. Check with an ls command to be sure. You should see the gw8 directory listed. 

    Do not run the installer from the gw8 directory!

  2. Obtain the installer from the Downloads page and place it in this directory.
  3. Mark the file as executable:

    chmod +x
  4. If you are running the optional NeDi netflow or nfpcapd containers, stop them manually: 

    docker ps |grep nfcapd
    docker ps |grep nfpcapd
    • This will give you the container name as the last column in the output, for example: 

      e5a971431d05      groundworkdevelopment/nedi:8.2.0-GA     "nfpcapd -i eth0 -T …"   49 minutes ago      Up 49 minutes (health: healthy)      nfpcapd_capture  
    • Usually, these are nfcapd_collector (for NetFlow) and nfpcapd_capture (for packet capture). For each of these containers, enter: 

      docker stop <name>

      where <name> is the name of the container, e.g., nfcapd_collector.

  5. Run the installer: 

  6. The installer will function much as it does during a New Install, with the exception that it will not prompt for a host name or installation type. The installer will shut down GroundWork, extract all the new containers, update the system and restart it.

  7. If you want to run the optional NeDi netflow or nfpcapd containers again, they will still be running if you had set up according to the documentation for 8.1.3. If you don't see them, re-create them with this procedure GroundWork as a NetFlow Collector.

  8. Log in as an administrative user and apply your new license to use 8.2.0.

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