Introduction to GroundWork Monitor 8.2.0

The GroundWork Team is proud to announce a new update to GroundWork Monitor, version 8. This is 8.2.0, the 1st version to be released this year, 2021, and we have updates with a few new features and enhancements. You can see the changes from the last version listed in the Release Notes for GroundWork Monitor. If you are new to GroundWork, this article will tell you what you need to know about the product, why we made it, and how to use it.

Why did we make a new version?

We are constantly improving the product, making it easier to use, customize, and scale. In this version, we are adding enterprise features our customers have expressed a need for, such as a new and easier way to configure notifications, which we call GroundWork Messenger. Another feature we have added is an addition to the family of TCG connectors, TCG-SNMP. This enhancement replaces a lot of the functionality that we previously relied on Cacti for, especially network interface monitoring, and does it in a super-automated way.  We have also been repairing issues we have found, and enhancing the value of the product by offering more features, for the same price, than ever before. We aspire to make a premier monitoring solution that bridges the divide between data center and cloud, between infrastructure and applications. This version is a big step forward. 

What’s the state of this version?

It’s ready to use, and equipped for new monitoring projects with standalone, parent child, and distributed monitoring servers. The Standby server isn't quite ready for use with this version as of this writing, but we expect it will be ready in a couple of weeks. 

What do I need to know to be able to use GroundWork Monitor 8.2.0?

We are providing a Quick Start document for those of you new to monitoring with GroundWork Monitor 8.2.0. There’s a lot of community knowledge that you can use when setting up GroundWork Monitor, especially if you ever used a prior version. There are also some Docker Commands administrators will want to get familiar with in order to make the most of their GroundWork Monitor 8.2.0 installations, especially if you are new to working with containers.

Of course, if you need more than you can absorb from the documentation on your own, we offer training and support. Just ask us about our training classes. 

Do I need to get a Docker License? 

No. Well, maybe. As of August 2021, Docker changed its free licensing model for Docker Desktop. The open source license for Docker Engine remains unchanged, however. How you use Docker and run containers is up to you, but GroundWork only requires Docker Engine, and so you don't need a license per se. Of course, you may have Docker Enterprise, or want to run GroundWork under Docker Desktop (not recommended, but technically possible). In that case, you should make sure you use Docker software in accordance with the license they provide. 

What to do, and What not to do

Please see Best Practices.

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