About Insight

Best used to view time series data for a selected host service. Provides insights into time series data in a series of graphs over a user-specified time scale. The Insight dashboard provides a method to analyze performance data of your services, giving you insight into performance over time, and the overall character of the metric data. Standard statistical measures are presented so you can determine if the monitored service is diverging from normal behavior. It can also be helpful to review this dashboard when trying to decide if it is necessary to adjust thresholds. 

Navigating Insight Dashboard

Analysis Option

The Service panel within in the Status dashboard provides an Analysis option. This option opens the Insight Dashboard and displays performance data analysis for the selected service. The dashboard can alternatively be accessed through Dashboards > Insight. Within the dashboard, you can search and display data for selected monitored components. 

  1. At the top of the screen you see the state of the service, the time (or duration) the service has been in that state, and the availability (in percent) for the time the service has been in the reported state, over the selected time range.
  2. Correlation statistics are presented for Yesterday, Last Month along with a calculated slope of a least-squares trend line for the most recent time period. Correlation metrics can be interpreted as showing whether the current metrics are similar to the same time range in prior days, weeks, or years. High positive numbers are indicative of strong positive correlation. Low numbers mean the current data isn't similar to the indicated prior period. 
  3. Next listed is the Maximum, Minimum, Average, and Standard Deviation of the performance metric for the most recent period. 
  4. Towards the bottom of the dashboard you have a graph of all the performance data with the option to display thresholds and show the data for Today, Yesterday, and Last Week (and last year, if available) and the least-squares Trend line for the most recent metric values. 
  5. At the bottom, there is a link option to a Histogram screen. Histograms will tell you the distribution of data for Today, Yesterday, and Last Week, as it becomes available.
    insight dashboard analysis

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