Version 8.1.3

GroundWork Monitor Enterprise | Version 8.1.3 | Release  

These release notes describe the new features and improvements, known issues and limitations for GroundWork Monitor 8.1.3. They also provide announcements as of version 8.1.3, including currently supported and end-of-life versions of GroundWork Monitor. 

This release is primarily a maintenance release, with fixes and completions for issues and recently added features. These fixes primarily affect parent-child installations and installations using TCG connectors such as the TCG Elastic connector (see Monitoring Elastic Server ). Standalone users will also want to apply it, as there are some issues that can also affect this use case.

New Features

GroundWork Monitor 8.1.3 has a few new features to announce. 

  • Audit Logging for TCG operations: The Audit Log now contains records for TCG operations such as connector creation, stop, and start. 
  • New NOC Board filters for state: The NOC Board dashboards always had the capability to show just warning and critical or all states, but it's useful to be able to create more granular filtered boards. We have added the full list of states to the Edit page for NOC boards.

Fixed Issues

This section describes the fixes we have included in the 8.1.3-GA release.



Add Audit logging to Connectors UI.

Added Audit Logging to all add, edit, delete operations in TCG Connectors UI.


NOC Board states should include all available states.

Now included check boxes with all available states.


License screen shows device allocation message when date expired.

Fixed expired license message. 


Initial adjustment of a threshold doesn't pull defaults into control.

The increment buttons now act on the displayed value.


Set TZ Env Var for RSTools and Cron launched containers.

Propagate gw8.env TZ setting to make it available for RSTools SLA report processing.


Add policy host for NeDi CH connector

The NeDi policy monitoring in the Cloud Hub was missing a way to assign policy services to a specific host. It's now a field in the connector dialog. 


Add Foundation auth endpoint to retrieve internal credentials.

Exposes a Foundation endpoint which returns the Internal ws_client.propertise RESTAPIACCESS credentials when requested by credentialed user.


Improve delete connector transactional behavior.

"Are you sure?" dialog added explaining the risk of deleting and orphaning data sources.


TCG NATS queue loaded into memory causing container crash.

In some cases where child servers or other TCG connections were not able to connect for some time, large amounts of data were queued. Fixing the connection issue loaded too much data all at once into RAM,  causing a the source side of TCG to fail. This was traced to an issue in NATS. Fixes were made that allowed use of an up-to-date NATS version, which addresses this issue.


Regression - Parent Managed Child Issues

Some aspects of the parent-managed-child configuration were not working correctly in 8.1.2, especially when upgraded from 8.1.1, due to a missed migration step. Fixed in this version.


Retrieve ws_client credentials from new API endpoint in Dalek services

Updated the Dalek services logic to retrieve the apikey from from the Parent to Child. This adjustment makes the parent-child connection more secure by moving the token transaction into the API. 


Monarch left panel should not scroll to top when entries are expanded or minimized.

Now adjusted to eliminate unwanted scrolling.


Kibana fails to start at the correct time and fails while Elastic is loading.

In some cases the Elasticsearch container could be slow to start, causing the kibana container to fail. This is fixed in this version by adding more tests to the kibana connector startup. 


User Manager fails to load user details dialog.

If you create a user and then delete all the roles assigned, the user was without roles. This condition caused an error. Fixed in this version.


Renaming a host lower case to upper case results in no updates to the host or its services

The renaming of a host in Configuration > Nagios Monitoring to the same name with different case letters resulted in a crash of the synchronizer component. This Is now fixed in this version, however there are known issues with renaming (see below)

Known Issues

This section lists any known issues and limitations with work-arounds.


Notifications (GroundWork Messengerr)

GroundWork Messenger notification system includes the capability of limiting notifications to a certain time frame. The most common, and default time frame is 24/7, which has a default expiration date of 12/31/2021. 

This configuration is adjusted in Configuration > Notifications > Configuration > Time Frames. The Validity Information section for the Valid To field needs to be adjust to a later date e.g., 12/31/2099. Note this configuration change may result in queued notifications being sent, please contact GroundWork Support.

Nagios Monitoring

Renaming a host to the same name except for case will require 2 commits. The renaming of a host to the same name with differences only in the case of the characters is possible, but requires committing the configuration twice.

Run the Commit (or, for Parent-managed-child, the Build Instance) process a second time, and the renamed host will appear. 

Nagios Monitoring

Adding two hosts with the same name except for case will not work. If you ever find you need to have two hosts with the same name except for case in the Nagios system, this is allowed. It will not show both hosts, however, only the first one you add, and it won't work at all if you do it in a single commit.

To do this (admittedly really rare thing), fist add one of the hosts. Choose the one with the name you want to see, add it and commit. Then add the second and commit. The second host's services will be merged into the first. 

Monitoring Plugins

Some plugins may not work. The plugins included with GroundWork Monitor 8.1.3 are incompletely tested.

If you encounter a plugin you need to work that doesn't, please file a support case. We will get you a working version as soon as possible, and include it in later releases.


Cannot delete user created by LDAP sync. If you sync LDAP to GroundWork, the users who log in are imported. There's not much point in deleting them unless you disconnect the LDAP server, but even if you do so, the delete function isn't working.

There is a work-around, but then again there's no harm in leaving these user accounts alone. They will fail login once the LDAP server is inactive. If you really must delete them, please contact support. 

Business Service Monitoring

Default bsm-service-01 configured but empty. The service bsm-service-01 on host bsm-host is included as an example of Business Service Monitoring. It is in the unknown state as the member list is empty. 

You can remove this (or add members) by going to the Configuration > BSM and SLAs > BSM > Manage Groups, and clicking the delete icon next to the group. 


Notify Contacts check box does not work. There is a Notify Contacts checkbox on the Acknowledgment modal dialog that does not work. 

Do not use this checkbox, It will be removed in a future version. 

Nagios Container

It's possible to overload the Nagios instance in GroundWork. Nagios uses workers that communicate with the services it runs. In some cases the default provisioning isn't enough to keep up with a really active alert stream.

You can override the default provisioning of workers in Nagios with the check_workers directive. See How to configure check_workers.

Docker Connector

Docker connector does not detect service unknown on down containers. Theres a bit of a strange look when a container goes down, since the services for memory and CPU etc. remain in an OK state.

Use a ping to the container address to make sure you know  and get notified when a container dies. 

Custom Reports

Optional Jasper Server slow to start. If one starts the optional Jasper Server, it may take several minutes to become available.

Wait several minutes after starting the system with the Jasper Server loaded before accessing the Custom Reports menu item. 

Status Summary

Empty Connectors Hostgroup. There's an empty hostgroup called Connectors that gets created.

You can delete it under Configuration > Custom Groups > Hostgroups. It is harmless. 


  • Supported Versions : Current supported versions of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise include the latest versions 8.1.3, 8.1.2, 8.1.1, 8.1.0, and version 7.2.1. Support for version 7.2.1 will expire December 31, 2021. Support for 8.0.x is now expired. For supported architectures and browser compatibility see System Requirements.
  • GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 7.x Sunsetting

    Support for version 7.2.1 will expire December 31, 2022.

    We have extended support for 7.2.x for another year, to give some of the more complex customers in our installed base more time to transition. GroundWork 7.x has will be retired from active support at the end of the coming year. Customers with support contracts for GroundWork Monitor 7.x will continue to receive support from GroundWork Support for this version until December 31, 2022, and for 8.x thereafter. It's our goal at GroundWork Open Source to make the transition from GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 7.x to GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 8 as seamless as possible for our Customers and Partners. Please contact GroundWork Support and let us help you plan and make this transition.

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