About Host Groups

Host Groups are an arbitrary collection of hosts into named sets. The usage of host groups simplifies access control, status displays, notifications, scheduling maintenance, multi-server commands, and reports. You will receive a warning message during a Pre Flight Test or Commit if a host is not a member of any host group. A host can be assigned to one or more host groups.


  • Copy an existing host group keeping a previous definition's details and just adding a host group name, or you can Modify an existing host group updating its members, contact groups, or escalation trees.
  • Members are the hosts to be included in the host group.
  • Contact Groups define who should be notified whenever there are problems (or recoveries) with any of the hosts in this host group.
  • The Host escalation tree directive is optional and indicates all hosts in this host group receive the same host escalation tree. And the Service escalation tree selection is also optional and indicates all services on each host in this host group receive the same service escalation tree.

Configuring a Host Group

  1. Select Configuration > Nagios Monitoring > Hosts, expand the Host Groups drop-down menu and select New.
  2. In the Host Group Properties screen, enter a host group Name which should be unique and not the same as a contact group, and enter an Alias.
  3. Next, optionally enter Notes. This field is intended to describe common features of the host group (e.g., the business unit, the geographical location, or the team responsible for maintenance). This information is shown on the host group detail page within the Status dashboard.
  4. Select the Members (hosts) from the right side list to be included in this host group, and choose the Contact Groups that should be notified whenever there are problems (or recoveries) with any of the hosts in this host group. We will skip the optional host and service escalation ID directives for now.
  5. Select Add to save the new host group.
    hostgroup properties

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