Version 8.1.2

GroundWork Monitor Enterprise | Version 8.1.2 | Release  

These release notes describe the new features and improvements, known issues and limitations for GroundWork Monitor 8.1.2. They also provide announcements as of version 8.1.2, including currently supported and end-of-life versions of GroundWork Monitor. 

This is feature-rich release, and you will notice several welcome enhancements. As usual, we listened to our customers and made changes to enhance the usefulness of the user interface, along with repairing some missing or imperfect functions. Thanks to all those who contributed suggestions and reported issues. We love to hear from you anytime at Please read the Fixed Issues section below to see what has been addressed in this release. We recommend all users look through this section when upgrading, and for this release we want to make sure you do so, since so much has been added and changed.  

New Features

GroundWork Monitor 8.1.2 has several new enterprise level features to announce.

  • Updated Network Discovery: The Network Discovery portion of GroundWork provided by NeDi is now greatly enhanced, with many new UI screens, updated help, and better graphing, mapping and setup screens. We also updated our Policy Monitoring in the NeDi connector to allow more flexible tracking of connections in NetFlow traffic and packet capture. 
  • Status FiltersThe Status Summary always sorts bad things to the top, so this feature isn't as essential as it was in older versions, but still it's nice to be able to filter by state as well as by name. Look for the new Monitor Status and Host Service Monitor Status filters located at the top of the Status dashboard. These filters will persist for your session, and apply to the objects you list. They are also present in the actions menus for the member lists.  » Learn more
  • Login Page BrandingYou will see a new menu item Administration > Branding. This allows you to change logo images and add a text field of up to 2k to the login page. This is useful for access warnings or to explain to users what the system is for, and the logos allow you to personalize your copy of GroundWork, making it obvious what system you are logging into. » Learn more
  • Application Performance Monitoring ConnectorWe are seeing a trend in the industry towards code instrumentation for monitoring. This is a good thing, and one we have long advocated. While JMX monitoring has long been an option for Java apps (and we have a new profile for this), we are super-pleased to announce the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) connector. This all-new TCG Connector allows your developers to post data directly into the GroundWork Monitor system from running applications of virtually any type. The data shows up in easily processed form (metrics and status derived from thresholds), right next to all the data you gather from networks, cloud providers, and your data center systems. » Learn more
  • Separate Download for Custom Reporting ServerWe constantly look for ways to improve GroundWork, both technically and in terms of honoring the commitments we have to our community, and so we decided to pull out, as a separate free download, the jasperserver container. We wanted to do this to honor the license restrictions pertaining to this reporting server, since it's really a stand-alone server and not a component feature of GroundWork Monitor. You can of course use it free, according to the terms of the Jasper Server license. This is the first containerized optional open source package we have done this with, but probably won't be the last! Make sure you read the installation and upgrade instructions to enable the Custom Reports menu option and use this free download. » Learn more

Fixed Issues

This section describes the fixes we have included in the 8.1.2-GA release. 



Add timezone to timestamps in status

Minor UI enhancement. 


Status Summary does not update when Cloud Hub connector removed

Long standing rare case of a problem deleting dynamic inventory on removal of a connector. This is now fixed. 


Merge in latest NeDi 2.0 into GW8

Major update to Network Discovery features. 


Missing plugin

There's a useful little plugin to use phantomjs/casperjs scripting to test web sites we are now including. 


Event viewer filters contain impossible states for hosts, services

We were not careful enough to filter out the possible (in context) states from all states. This is fixed. 


SLA Dashboard service list not listing all host services in a host group

There was an issue with a widget on the SLA dashboard not getting all the data it needed. Fixed. 


Add Alias to NOC Board

We now show the host alias as a NOC Board column.


Add link to NOC Board

We now show a link to any relevant Nagios CGI as a NOC Board column (t his was a feature request). 


More Actions button wrong shape, color

The "More Actions" button is now the correct color and shape. 


Tab style needs to be more obvious

Minor UI enhancement. 


Allow access to Cloud Hub connector screen if over license limit 

Sometimes you add a Cloud Hub connection and inadvertently start monitoring more hosts than your license allows. You can now access this screen and remove or scale back monitoring with Cloud Hub. 


Parent-managed-child Commit with empty host group still shows host group

There is an edge case where a phantom (empty) host group got displayed, which is now suppressed. 


Add ability to acknowledge any app type from the SLA/Business dashboard

A feature request to add the acknowledge feature to the SLA dashboard was fulfilled. 


Installer should exit on failed migration

Sometimes firewall rules can block aspects of migration or installation. In such cases, the installer will now exit without actually doing anything, allowing you to adjust the firewall and retry. 


Popup error messages should be visible only for defined interval of time

Popup errors can occur when connections fail or are interrupted, or errors are exposed. These will now time out and not accumulate indefinitely. 


Metrics, Synthetic Metric names and Custom names should not allow spaces

Minor validation issue fixed. 


Elastic Connector Synthetics

We added the ability to create synthetic metrics using the Elastic connector. This improves the features available using this method to include monitoring ratios, calculated values, etc. 


Allow Elastic Connector Group Naming by End User

Enhanced the naming of host groups to include user input, not just automatic field values from Elastic Stack. 


NeDi connector improvements

We revamped the policy monitoring for Network discovery, including NetFlow and packet capture. 


NOC Board buttons disabled after form update

The NOC Board had an error where it wasn't possible to update the board after updating it once. This is fixed. 


Synchronizer aggressively takes host group ownership

A subtle issue with ownership setting that could make it difficult to remove host groups from the system in some situations has been fixed. 


Connectors: Choose connector type is overlapped by main menu

A simple UI issue in the connector screens. 


LDAPS usability improvements

We have greatly simplified and clarified the use of LDAPS. See documentation for details. 


Metrics with unchecked graphs contain graphics on Status dashboard

The selection for graphs was ignored on some Cloud Hub and TCG connector configurations - graphs were always generated. 


Synthetic Expression evaluation failing 

Synthetic expression evaluation was not working correctly for TCG connectors. This is fixed.


Make option to show/hide Group Summary in NOC Board

The NOC Board has an option to suppress the display of the summary portion of the screen when expanded.


Connectors tab page refresh navigates user to another screen

Minor UI issue was fixed. 


Please add indication of logged in user

Feature request for showing the logged in user was fulfilled (see the menu bar). 


Form validation not needed for setting downtime

A validation of input was restricting valid input on the Downtime scheduler screen. Fixed. 


Metrics: 500 error for adding metrics with decimal threshold

Connectors now support decimal (e.g., 0.5) values as thresholds.


Monitored flag not handled for synthetics in some Cloud Hub connectors

It wasn't always possible to set the monitored flag for synthetic metrics. Fixed. 


Dashboards search field color improvement

Minor UI issue fixed. 


Ctrl limit reached in TCG NATs Queue

We were hitting a limit in the NATS queues in some connectors due to inadequate configuration settings. Fixed. 


Preview of  Command "yiic downtime removeorphans"

Feature request was made for this. When cleaning up old expired downtime records (for example on deleted hosts or services), it' now possible to run the deletion script by hand and get a listing of what would be deleted. 


LDAP user names can be longer than the Monarch DB allows

We made the Monarch DB take longer names. 


Multiple NOC Boards sometimes refresh to the wrong one

NOC Board display bug was repaired. 


NOC Board counts do not reflect filters

The NOC Boards always displayed the counts from all services in the group, regardless of filter settings. This was changed to show only matching services. 


Add CA Cert configuration to Revproxy

We now support private CA configurations in GW8 via the Entrypoint scripting. Previously this was possible only through manual adjustments. 


Large child configuration does not sync to parent

Some very large (10s of thousands of devices) configurations would fail to load on the parent server when sent to (or from) a child. This is fixed. 


Adding and deleting users / admins should be recorded in audit log

This was a feature request, which we added. 


Duplicate key error on device table when synchronizing child to parent inventory

There was an issue with the process of synchronizing child inventory. This is fixed. 


Elastic connector does not work with newest version 7.8.1 Elastic Stack

Actually, it did work, but the port and URL changed. We updated the documentation. 


Installer fails when no Internet available

We had an issue with a specific container which was being pulled from an Internet registry instead of locally. This was fixed. 


Installer should support command line options

Feature request to support the --unattended and other command-line options on the installer was fulfilled.


Wrong cursor used in alerts for close action

Minor UI bug. Fixed. 


Adding downtimes for all services on a host is broken

We inadvertently disabled a useful method of scheduling downtime using regex patterns. This is now restored. 


Stopped containers should not be removed by Docker connector

We had an issue where the stopping of a container would remove it from the UI, effectively disabling monitoring for it. This is fixed. 


Decommission Nagios GW8 inventory

We changed the way parent-child default inventory was added to be simpler. Actually we just took it out, since it was confusing. 


GWMEE installer Welcome page should display correct version

We enhanced the version display on the login page. 


Containerize included connectors


Maintain NOC Board column layout changes

You can re-arrange the columns in the NOC Board by dragging them, and now this re-arrangement will persist, where previously it did not. 


Secure NOC Board Edit and Delete buttons

Only the "admin" role can add, edit, or delete the NOC Boards now. 


Add option to auto-expand NOC Board on page load

You can select one (or more) NOC Boards on a page to auto-expand from the summary line. 


Errors from tcg-elastic service not showing in connector status page

There is a status page for each running connection, which was inaccurate. This is fixed. 


$HOSTALIAS$ nagios standard macro not being passed to noma

This was an issue when including the alias in notifications. This is now available. 


Add filesystem monitoring to default docker profile

This was a routine enhancement to the monitoring we do with the Docker Cloud Hub connector by default. 


Column titles in Connectors UI have resizable flag

Minor UI issue fixed. 


Stopping Cloud Hub Docker connector fails to update with NPE

There was an error in the shutdown of the Docker connector for Cloud Hub. This is fixed. 


NOC Board pagination causes hang on navigation

There was a UI navigation error in the NOC Board, which is fixed. 


First NOC Board created on every fresh install fails with error

There was a harmless 500 error thrown each time you set up a new NOC Board. This is fixed. 


NOC Boards created with "Add New Board" button don't fill defaults in UI

Minor UI issue with the NOC Board. Fixed. 


Improve synchronizer to handle service groups

There was a bug in the synchronizer code that ignored Nagios defined service groups. They were not added to the Status UI. This is now fixed. 


Connector status dates are suppressed in UI

There was another issue with the container status page we fixed. 


Filter by state

Feature request added as noted above. 


New User: uploading a photo always fails

If you create a new user, you couldn't upload a profile picture. 


SNMP V3 not working correctly 

There was a missing library for SNMP plugins that use SNMP v3. This is now included. 


Dynamic inventory

We enhanced the way we add monitored resources to the system to be more dynamic, supporting on-the-fly additions and deletions as metrics are sent. 


Deleting all default host groups breaks entire UI

Turns out there was an edge case when all hostgroups were deleted. Rare that you would want to do this, but it is fixed. 


database slareport uses reserved word "group" for a table name

Reserved word for a table name required a fix. It's now called "bsmgroup". 


AWS Cloud Hub connector fails without explicit logs

There was an edge case where the AWS connector could stop unexpectedly. We fixed this, and the log messages. 


Delete a downtime in the UI before it's regularly scheduled end time, the actual DT in Nagios persists

There was a time zone issue with removing active downtimes from Nagios (not from GroundWork Foundation). This is now fixed. 


Monarch and Nagios input/output must match the stored data

Some special characters in the Monarch database were not being displayed in Status Summary or the Nagios CGI interfaces correctly. 


Errors in Nagios log on startup

Some startup race conditions caused errors in the nagios container log. These were changed to warnings/info messages, as they are expected. 

Known Issues

This section lists any known issues and limitations with work-arounds.


Monitoring Plugins

Some plugins may not work. The plugins included with GroundWork Monitor 8.1.2 are incompletely tested.

If you encounter a plugin you need to work that doesn't, please file a support case. We will get you a working version as soon as possible, and include it in later releases.


Cannot delete user created by LDAP sync. If you sync LDAP to GroundWork, the users who log in are imported. There's not much point in deleting them unless you disconnect the LDAP server, but even if you do so, the delete function isn't working.

There is a work-around, but then again there's no harm in leaving these user accounts alone. They will fail login once the LDAP server is inactive. If you really must delete them, please contact support. 

Business Service Monitoring

Default bsm-service-01 configured but empty. The service bsm-service-01 on host bsm-host is included as an example of Business Service Monitoring. It is in the unknown state as the member list is empty. 

You can remove this (or add members) by going to the Configuration > BSM and SLAs > BSM > Manage Groups, and clicking the delete icon next to the group. 


Notify Contacts check box does not work. There is a Notify Contacts checkbox on the Acknowledgment modal dialog that does not work.

Do not use this checkbox, It will be removed in a future version. 

Nagios Container

It's possible to overload the Nagios instance in GroundWork. Nagios uses workers that communicate with the services it runs. In some cases the default provisioning isn't enough to keep up with a really active alert stream.

You can override the default provisioning of workers in Nagios with the check_workers directive. See How to configure check_workers.

Docker Connector

Docker connector does not detect service unknown on down containers. Theres a bit of a strange look when a container goes down, since the services for memory and CPU etc. remain in an OK state. 

Use a ping to the container address to make sure you know  and get notified when a container dies. 

Custom Reports

Optional Jasper Server slow to start. If one starts the optional Jasper Server, it may take several minutes to become available. 

Wait several minutes after starting the system with the Jasper Server loaded before accessing the Custom Reports menu item. 

Status Summary

Empty Connectors Hostgroup. There's an empty hostgroup called Connectors that gets created. 

You can delete it under Configuration - Custom Groups - Hostgroups. It is harmless. 


  • Supported Versions : Current supported versions of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise include the latest versions 8.1.2, 8.1.1, 8.1.0, 8.0.1, and version 7.2.1. Support for version 7.2.1 will expire December 31, 2021. For supported architectures and browser compatibility see System Requirements.
  • New Open Source Project: The GroundWork Transit Connection Generator (TCG) is open source and available on GitHub. Based on the popular NATS project, TCG allows connections between monitoring sources and GroundWork servers using the API to GroundWork Foundation.

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