About Graphs

Best used to view service performance data. This dashboard option uses the integrated Grafana application, a dashboard builder for visualizing time series data.The Grafana integration includes the GroundWork data source, making it easy to select the individual hostgroups, servicegroups, hosts, and services you want to graph on your dashboards. The dashboards themselves can contain not only graphs but histograms, heat maps and other representations. With Grafana, performance data is stored in InfluxDB, which saves every point it receives, until it is aged off after 13 months (or optionally longer). No summarization of data occurs. 

Creating a Graph

This is an example of how to create a simple Grafana dashboard in GroundWork Monitor.

  1. Log in to GroundWork Monitor as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Dashboards > Graphs.
  3. Hover over the Plus icon icon, and select Dashboard.
  4. Click Graph as a panel, click Panel Title, select Edit.
  5. Now you can set what is to be graphed, we use a configured Google pinged host as our example. From the Metrics tab, for Service By select Hosts, then select a host (e.g., Google), and select a service (e.g., icmp_ping_alive).
  6. Next we'll identify this panel in our graph, you can have several panels within a graph. Go to the General tab, enter a Panel Title, then select the X on the right to exit the bottom panel.
  7. Click the   save icon from the tools bar near the top, enter a dashboard name, and click Save. That's it! A basic graph creation anyway, there's much more of course that you can do.

Documentation in progress... there's more to come!

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