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Install from Installer

This page steps through an initial installation for GroundWork Monitor 8.0.0. The Install from Installer is an offline method, does not require internet access, and uses a distributed GroundWork Installer file to install. You will need to prepare your system, get the installer file, and run the installer. The installer will initially create a gw8 sub-directory and will drop the configuration files into this subdirectory. The entire installation will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. After installation, please review related articles.


  1. First, prepare your system as described in System Requirements, including installing Docker CE and Docker Compose.
  2. Review the Release Notes which contain details of issues fixed, new features, and items of interest to those users who have customized or significantly enhanced a previous version of GroundWork Monitor.

    If you are updating please see Update Install. It is recommended that you perform a backup before updating your installation.

  3. Make sure you can access Docker by running the following commands:

    Do not run the installer as the root user. There is no need to, as long as the user has access to the file system and Docker, and the Docker daemon is running. See System Requirements
  4. Next, obtain the GroundWork Monitor 8.0.0 installer file from the Downloads page.


After completing the Prepare steps above, you can proceed by running the installer:

  1. Mark the file as executable:

    chmod +x
  2. Run the installer:

  3. Follow the prompts to confirm you want to install, that the resource check is ok, and later for the timezone for cron jobs and networking settings:
    • For Timezone, set this to the timezone that will be used for cron. It should be the timezone most users will access the system from. This can be different from the server timezone, but ideally is not. 
    • The networking settings are designed to avoid conflicts in your networking setup. If you use the Class B private subnet anywhere internally, make sure that the subnet chosen by the installer does not conflict with your use of it elsewhere, or you may not be able to use the system until you correct it. If it does conflict, you may adjust it here. 
  4. When the process completes, open a browser to the name or address of the host system to log in to GroundWork Monitor 8.0.0, the default Administrator login is admin/admin. Note that it may take a few minutes for the availability calculations to complete and display, so you may see warnings about this on the relevant dashboards.

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