GroundWork Monitor 8.0.0 utilizes Docker containers and a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment methodology. This means less waiting for feature development, security patches and bug fixes. You no longer need to do a complete application upgrade to obtain fixes and features. You get faster turnaround on bugs, feature enhancements, and security fixes, with little effort on your part to maintain your on-prem monitoring system. 

New Install is for fresh GroundWork Monitor installations. An Update Install will update a previously installed version of GroundWork Monitor 8.0.0. And, Migrate Install is considered a fresh GroundWork Monitor installation plus migration of your Monarch configuration from a previous version of GroundWork Monitor 7.x.

Additionally, there are two GroundWork Monitor installation methods available. The Install from Installer method is an offline initiated installation (no internet access required) which utilizes a GroundWork Installer file. The Install from Docker method is an online initiated installation (requiring internet connection) which accesses and utilizes Docker commands to install GroundWork Monitor 8 by directly pulling containers from a registry. 

 All this enables simplified installations, updates, and migrations.

For release 8.0.0, only the Install from Installer method is available.

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