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GroundWork dashboards

GroundWork Monitor 8 offers several ways to visualize your monitoring data, each described below and all accessible by selecting Dashboards from the main menu bar. See Related articles at the bottom of this document for related How To's.

Home Dashboard

The Home Dashboard is a landing point for users of the GroundWork Monitor 8 system. This page provides an at-a-glance view of top problems sorted by availability and immediate issues. The Top Problems section is sorted by "availability", which we define as the percentage of time the listed resources was in an OK or UP state during the last 48 hours.
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Status Summary

An enhanced Status Summary offers real-time updates and responsive graphing without configuration, as well as top-problem displays. The sort order is a numerical score computed on the state of the services and hosts that make up the resource. 
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The Insight dashboard provides insights into time series data in a series of graphs over a user-specified time scale.
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Hit List

The Hit List dashboard displays immediate totals for host and service problems in various states. This view offers direct element links to the Status Summary where users can view detailed information and acknowledge alerts.
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NOC Board

The NOC Board feature in GroundWork Monitor 8 allows users to view particular sets of their infrastructure monitoring data. NOC Boards are dashboards that provide one more way to display monitoring information. A Network Operations Center (NOC) view provides an extremely responsive at-a-glance look of a subset of your networks operations.
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The Events dashboard allows for viewing and filtering of GroundWork monitoring events with host and service links to Status Summary.
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SLA Carousel

SLA Dashboards can be displayed in the SLA Carousel option providing users a glance of each of dashboard on a rotating basis.
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The Graphs options opens the integrated Grafana application which is a dashboard builder for visualizing time series data. It is used in GroundWork Monitor 8 for building dashboards that visualize GroundWork service performance data. The Grafana integration comes with a Grafana GroundWork data source that provides a way to query GroundWork performance data using GroundWork host and service groups, hosts and services. This data source is configured to be the default at installation time.

Log Analysis

This feature offers log analysis using Kibana. ELK Stack containers are included in GroundWork Monitor 8 and Kibana lets users visualize data with charts and graphs in Elasticsearch.
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The VMware dashboard displays the VMware environment including totals for virtual machines, hypervisors, datastores, and networks. The display offers hover-over element totals for alerts and drill-down capability direct to the Status Summary for additional detail.
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Nagios is an open source host, service and network monitoring program. GroundWork Monitor 8 utilizes Nagios as a polling and notification engine for monitoring network infrastructure. GroundWork continues to take advantage of the new Nagios features offering faster performance while GroundWork configuration tools supports the new Nagios directivesNagios is a registered trademark of Ethan Galstad. 
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