LDAP Mapping


Administrators can now configure LDAP mapping directly from the user interface including adding domains, mapping LDAP roles to GroundWork roles, and reordering to control which domains are declared in the configuration. 

GroundWork Monitor can authenticate/authorize through GroundWork or LDAP/AD.

OpenLDAP and Active Directory servers are available and reachable from the GroundWork server on a defined port. Users in LDAP/Active Directory groups corresponding to the GroundWork user/roles will have access to GroundWork Monitor, and login credentials for a LDAP/AD search for users to find and map the users and roles. Additionally, an LDAPS certificate can be chosen.

LDAP Management in GroundWork Monitor (Administration > LDAP) initially displays the authentication/authorization source options GroundWork and LDAP/AD. The default source is GroundWork. LDAP configurations can be on or off (with saved configurations). For LDAP configuration you will need details of the domains you manage with LDAP/AD and contexts for users and groups to map to roles in GroundWork Monitor.

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