wmi pop3

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Windows POP3 Server (via WMI)


This service profile monitors POP3 server on a Windows server using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Nagios Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE) is used by the Nagios server to communicate with the WMI proxy server. This proxy server queries the monitored Windows server for measurements and status using WMI. Additionally, you may want to refer to the WMI documentation. This project consists of a collection of script monitors (.vbs for starters) that use the Microsoft .Net Framework and WMI to retrieve performance data from remote Windows hosts without the need for agents on the remote hosts. The nrpe.cfg file on the Windows server maps commands issued by the GroundWork server to scripts in the c:\nrpe_nt directory. Commands issued by this profile are installed with this package. If new NRPE commands are added, this file must be modified. The WMI proxy server must be in the same domain as target monitored Windows server, and must have administrator rights.

Profile package

This package includes the following files:

  • Profile definition: service-profile-wmi-pop3.xml
  • Plugin scripts (installed on the GroundWork server): check_nrpe and check_pop
  • WMI script (installed on the WMI Proxy server): nrpe_nt.zip


GroundWork Monitor includes many monitoring profiles for a variety of devices, systems and applications. Some profiles are pre-imported on a new GroundWork installation and others are distributed with the product. The configuration tool is used to import updated profiles and profiles that require additional setup, services can also be imported. See How to manage host and service profiles.

Services configuration

For plugin details, in the nagios container run the service help command. For example: nagios@9848baed1779:/usr/local/nagios/libexec$ ./check_snmp --help

ServiceCommand LinePlugin Command LineCommand Parameters
The names of the service definitions used in this profile.The service command name with arguments to be passed to the plugin.The plugin script that is called by Nagios for the service. Command parameters are in the configuration services section with the following names and default values.
tcp_pop3scheck_pop3s!3!5$USER1$/check_pop -t 60 -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -w "$ARG1$" -c "$ARG2$" -SUses check_pop plugin with the -S (SSL) switch to connect to port 995 of $HOSTADDRESS$ and searches for [+OK] in beginning of the POP3 server output.
  • $ARG1$: Warning seconds, default warning threshold is a 3 second response time
  • $ARG2$: Critical seconds, default critical threshold is a 5 second response time
tcp_pop3check_pop3$USER1$/check_pop -H $HOSTADDRESS$Uses check_pop plugin to connect to port 110 of $HOSTADDRESS$ and search for [+OK] in the beginning of the POP3 server output.
  • No arguments
wmi_service_POP3Svccheck_wmi_service!POP3Svc$USER1$/check_nrpe -H $USER21$ -t 60 -c get_service -a "$HOSTADDRESS$" "$ARG1$"Uses check_nrpe plugin to connect to NRPE on $USER21$ and execute the get_service command as defined in the nrpe.cfg against the host $HOSTADDRESS$.
  • $ARG1$: Service Name (not Display Name)
  • OK if service is running
  • CRITICAL is service is stopped
  • UNKNOWN is service is not installed