GroundWork Profiles




Configuration service profiles define a set of standard services that can be applied toward any host. If a change to the standard is required, you may modify the profile then apply the profile to all hosts. This process can be performed in a few minutes.

GroundWork Monitor distributes the Service Ping, SNMP Network, and SSH UNIX profiles plus an extended library of monitoring profiles for a variety of devices, systems and applications, some of which are listed below. The Nagios Configuration tool is used to import additional profiles; the profile XML file. For each Profile, Nagios services that run plugins are defined and grouped, so that they can be assigned and applied to hosts, or to groups of hosts.

The Uploaded category is provided as a landing zone for profile files uploaded to the GroundWork server by a local administrator. Distributed profile XML files are located in the monarch container, within their respective principal category classifications as their parent directories. These are noted at the top of each section.

Distributed profiles


These profiles relate to the monitoring of various databases. The principal category classification and parent directory for these profiles is Database.

  • service-mysql_alive.xml   --   mysql_alive service
  • service-profile-local-mysql.xml   --   UNIX MySQL Server (local)
  • service-profile-nrpe-mssql.xml   --   Windows MSSQL Server (via NRPE)
  • service-profile-nsclient-mssql.xml   --   Windows MSSQL Server (via NSClient)
  • service-profile-service-ldap.xml   --   Basic LDAP Server
  • service-profile-service-mysql.xml   --   MySQL Service Profile (via SQL)
  • service-profile-ssh-ldap.xml   --   UNIX LDAP Server (via SSH)
  • service-profile-ssh-mysql.xml   --   UNIX MySQL Server (via SSH)
  • service-profile-wmi-ldap.xml   --   Windows LDAP Server (via WMI)
  • service-profile-wmi-mssql.xml   --   Windows MSSQL Server (via WMI)
  • service-profile-wmi-mssql2005.xml   --   Windows MSSQL2005 Server (via WMI)