GroundWork Monitor Enterprise

Current Releases
PlatformVersionRelease DateInstallerMD5
Linux 8.1.210/19/2020Click here to download
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GroundWork TCG Elastic Connector

Current Releases
PlatformVersionRelease DateArchiveMD5
Linux 8.1.210/19/2020elastic-connector-8.1.2-GA.tgz5488597e93c55d76c9c755bb6ac17f7f

GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agent (GDMA)

Current Releases
Important: Prior to a GDMA download and installation, please read How to install GDMA which includes a Pre configuration checklist.
PlatformVersionRelease DateInstallerMD5
Linux 32-bit2.7.107/21/2020groundworkagent-2.7.1-127-linux-32-installer.run2a48653f1c7d93b2c166690d516082e7
Linux 64-bit2.7.107/21/2020groundworkagent-2.7.1-127-linux-64-installer.run586f07789cedb4b014929d800e708361
Solaris Intel2.5.0
Solaris Sparc2.5.0

Standby Notification Server

Current Releases
DownloadVersionRelease DateFileMD5
SNS Primary1.0.010/09/2020sns-primary.tar.gz43a66478ab47ee8a251c1f6b1e4ec1e7
SNS Standby1.0.010/09/2020sns-standby.tar.gz1f68a9c303174d5139d663120ebf56f1

Custom Reporting  Server

Current Release
DownloadVersionRelease DateFileMD5
Jasper Container7.1.110/15/2020jasper-reports.tar3ea8f77986052219aa5d81f0ed14afe7


Current Release
ToolVersionRelease DateFileMD5

Linux Plugin packages for SSH monitoring

You may use these packages of compiled Nagios™ plugins for SSH-based monitoring on hosts that you want to monitor with GroundWork Monitor. These packages are for generic Linux hosts, most Linux variants will work, and all of the required libraries and Perl modules are included. 

  • Assumptions: You may have the user nagios or other user created, the script accommodates and assumes /home is the location, you have enough disk space to store the plugins and libraries (approximately 80MB), and your installed Linux uses bash and has paths that are compatible with GroundWork Monitor. 
  • Considerations: This package installs all the libraries needed to run the plugins, as well as the plugins themselves. It also installs its own copy of Perl, so if you add or modify these plugins keep this in mind. Adding a Perl module to the system Perl, for example, will have no effect on plugins that reference the installation in /usr/local/groundwork. The installer scripts have been updated to; test if you supplied a username, not add the user if it exists, unpack the tar into the /usr/local/groundwork location, and make a link in the user home directory to the plugins location. You can choose a different user name than nagios if you set up the GroundWork services to use a different name. The profiles included with GroundWork Monitor all use nagios by default.

View install script 64-bit version

DescriptionPlatformArchitectureRelease DateFile
SSH compiled plugins packageLinux3206/11/2010lin32plugs_2.1.tar.gz

SSH plugins installer scriptLinux3210/05/


NSClient++ Windows plugins 

You may want to use these Visual Basic plugins with NSClient++ on Windows. They provide basic monitoring, and can be extended as needed to include corrective actions, triggered with the check_nrpe plugin by NoMa, or by event handlers in Nagios. 

DescriptionPlatformArchitectureRelease DateFile
NSClient++ pluginsWindows6406/11/



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