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GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 8.1.1

GroundWork Monitor Enterprise | Version 8.1.1 | Release Update: Minor release version 8.1.1-1, see details below. 

These release notes describe the new features and improvements, known issues and limitations for GroundWork Monitor 8.1.1. They also provide announcements as of version 8.1.1, including currently supported and end-of-life versions of GroundWork Monitor. 

This is an interim release, and while you may see various usability improvements, there are just a few new features to announce. We did correct several issues users have pointed out, or that we found in our testing. Thanks to all those who contributed suggestions and reported issues, we love to hear from you anytime at Please read the Fixed Issues section below to see what has been addressed in this release. We recommend all users look through this section when upgrading.   

New features

GroundWork Monitor 8.1.1 does't have many new major features beyond those announced for 8.1.0, which were significant (Parent Child, dual certs, etc.). Attentive users will notice the first redesign of the Home Page, and will see some new options, and a smoother workflow around some of the screens.

Events in Status Summary

There's a new Events tab on the host and service info panel that will show you the last few events recorded for the host and service you are focused on. 

Fixed issues

This section describes the fixes we have included in the 8.1.1-GA release. A few more issues were fixed in the minor update 8.1.1-1 as noted. 

GROUNDWORK-274Added Grafana Auth and monitor context to SLA dashboard iframeYou can now place Grafana dashboards in an iframe on the SLA dashboard
GROUNDWORK-460Cloud Hub Connectors need About screensAdded info and versioning to Cloud Hub connectors.
GROUNDWORK-552Make links in Event message text clickableUseful for messages that contain hyperlinks to other systems
GROUNDWORK-644Added "Ack Now" button for hosts in Status viewA new handy button for acknowledging hosts with issues
GROUNDWORK-672Wrap long status textFixed an issue where really long status text was getting truncated in the Status Summary. We also added a "read more" link to expand it. 
GROUNDWORK-705Custom Reports for Events over time were not accurate Fixed an issue with the SQL queries and report content
GROUNDWORK-839cadvisor fails on SLES 15The dependency in SLES 15 has been worked around. SLES 15 Works without error in GroundWork Monitor 8.1.1 
GROUNDWORK-934Update the Navbar and logoThe Navbar has a new look, with a new logo and a clock
GROUNDWORK-982Enable edit features in for admin userThe admin user can now access all custom reports features by default
GROUNDWORK-994The report_db data not adequate to generate accurate reportsWe have a database in GroundWork called report_db which is used for getting availability reports. In some cases, this data was not adequate to the job, so we enhanced it. 
GROUNDWORK-997Synchronizer failure on very large datasetsThe synchronizer could sometimes fail to add hosts if the dataset was too large, fiixed
GROUNDWORK-1044Comments sent with acks to Nagios don't propagate to FoundationFixed an issue where comments coming in to the Nagios channel weren't getting updated in Status Summary
GROUNDWORK-1046Elastic connector metrics auto-suggestFixed for easier configuration
GROUNDWORK-1062License screen updatedWe show the licensed version now, and better error messages
GROUNDWORK-1065Speed up synchronizerSome imports of large initial configurations could take a while to synchronize, it's much faster now
GROUNDWORK-1072Changing master cypher breaks Nagios main connectorYou can now change the master cypher without any internal apps being affected
GROUNDWORK-1073Elastic Connector runs out of memoryFixed a memory allocation problem
GROUNDWORK-1078Service Names added to Event view searchYou can now filter events on service names as well as message text, etc. 
GROUNDWORK-1080Versioning added to TCG connectorsWe now show the version and build dates in the Status tab for all TCG connectors
GROUNDWORK-1088Unable to add service with dependents after removal from hostNagios dependencies couldn't be added again after being removed
GROUNDWORK-1138Docker hosts not removed when deletedIn some cases, notably upgrades from 8.0.1, Docker connector hosts would remain after the connector was deleted, these are now removed correctly
GROUNDWORK-1146Connection error when connecting to child serverA spurious error was being thrown when connecting to a child server from a parent
GROUNDWORK-1150Elastic connector query on alternative index pattern gets no matchesWe expended the range of the Elastic connector to match against multiple index patterns
GROUNDWORK-1176LDAP user could not set downtimeSome LDAP users would get an error message when setting host or service downtimes, this is now fixed
GROUNDWORK-1195Enhanced the LDAP UI and fixed UI issuesThe LDAP UI is now clearer, and a couple of minor issues were fixed
GROUNDWORK-1211Fixed issue where the wrong NOCBoard Dashboard would be displayed The refresh of the prior dashboard could overwrite the current one. (Fixed in 8.1.1-1)
GROUNDWORK-1214Update max size of requests to groundwork to 25mbReally big configurations sometimes overloaded nginx. (Fixed in 8.1.1-1)
GROUNDWORK-1215Adjusted Synchronizer error handling, serializationReally big configurations could overload the Synchronizer, making it slow. (Fixed in 8.1.1-1)
GROUNDWORK-1225Alpine container downloaded during installThe installer had a bug that made Internet connectivity a requirement. It no longer is. (Fixed in 8.1.1-1)
GROUNDWORK -1226Installer was missing unattended optionNow you can run the installer with the option --unattended to get a default standalone install (Fixed in 8.1.1-1)
GROUNDWORK -1230Downtime scheduler option re-enabledIn 8.1.1-GA, the option to schedule downtime for services with a regex was disabled. (Re-enabled in 8.1.1-1)

Known issues

This section lists any known issues and limitations with work-arounds.

Monitoring PluginsSome plugins may not workThe plugins included with GroundWork Monitor 8.1.1 are incompletely testedIf you encounter a plugin you need to work that doesn't, please file a support case. We will get you a working version as soon as possible, and include it in later releases.
LDAPCannot delete user created by LDAP syncIf you sync LDAP to GroundWork, the users who log in are imported. There's not much point in deleting them unless you disconnect the LDAP server, but even if you do so, the delete function isn't working.There is a work-around, but then again there's no harm in leaving these user accounts alone. They will fail login once the LDAP server is inactive. If you really must delete them, please contact support. 
Business Service MonitoringDefault bsm-service-01 configured but emptyThe service bsm-service-01 on host bsm-host is included as an example of Business Service Monitoring. It is in the unknown state as the member list is empty. You can remove this (or add members) by going to the Configuration > BSM and SLAs > BSM > Manage Groups, and clicking the delete icon next to the group. 
Acknowledgements Notify Contacts check box does not workThere is a Notify Contacts checkbox on the Acknowledgment modal dialog that does not workDo not use this checkbox, It will be removed in a future version. 
Connectors/TCGMonitored and Graph check boxes do not stop monitoring or graphingThe new Elastic connector has a metrics selection that allows you to define and then disable a given metrics monitoring and graphing function. Unchecking these options (disabling the monitoring and graphing) has no effect. For now, do not define metrics that you do not wish to see in the Status Summary. 
Nagios ContainerIt's possible to overload the Nagios instance in GroundWorkNagios uses workers that communicate with the services it runs. In some cases the default provisioning isn't enough to keep up with a really active alert stream.You can override the default provisioning of workers in Nagios with the check_workers directive. See How to configure check_workers.
Docker ConnectorDocker connector does not detect service unknown on down containersTheres a bit of a strange look when a container goes down, since the services for memory and CPU etc. remain in an OK state. Use a ping to the container address to make sure you know  and get notified when a container dies. 


Supported Versions

Current supported versions of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise include the latest versions 8.1.1, 8.1.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.0, and version 7.2.1. Support for version 7.2.1 will expire December 31, 2021.

For supported architectures and browser compatibility see System Requirements.

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