Menu Editor

The Menu Editor feature allows administrators to customize the GroundWork menu by modifying top-level and sub-menu items. And each of the menu items can be assigned secure access by role. GroundWork Monitor comes with a default set of menus items. To see how to set this up in GroundWork 8, see How to manage menu items

GroundWork menu structure

The menu structure is hierarchical in nature with top level items including HomeAdministrationConfigurationDashboardsReportsSupport, and Sign out. Many of the top-level items have underlying sub menus (folders) or pages. Administrators have access to add, reorder, edit, and delete menu folders and pages. 

groundwork menu structure

Menu Editor structure

Taking a look at the Menu Editor (Administration > Menu Editor) we see the Root path or the top-level position of the GroundWork menu. You can see (page icon) the menu item Home is a page in itself and the menu items Administration through Reports are folders containing additional folders or pages.

Pages and folders can easily be modified, deleted and reordered. And, user access to folders and pages is provided by roles .

It’s simple to add a menu item. You can add a new folder which contains pages, or add a new GroundWork link or an external link.

  • A GroundWork Link page is any internal page hosted on or proxied through the GroundWork server. These will require a relative URL to any GroundWork path, a user can select from a list of existing URLs. An example of a GroundWork Link is /it/business/index.php?r=businessServiceMonitoring/group which is the GroundWork path to the Configuration > Business > BSM menu item or page.
  • An External Link page is any other link. These will require a full path including protocol and domain. An example of an External Link may be to a common location users look for company monitoring reference.

menu editor structure

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