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GroundWork Monitor Enterprise | Version 8.0.1 | Release

These release notes describe the new features and improvements, known issues and limitations for GroundWork Monitor 8.0.1. They also provide announcements as of version 8.0.1, including currently supported and end-of-life versions of GroundWork Monitor. 

New features

GroundWork Monitor 8.0.1 offers a few new key features and improvements compared to the previous 8.0.0 release.

Links to internal and external pages

You can now link to any page in GroundWork or any other (external) system from any service, host, host group, service group, or custom group. Links are either internal (e.g., to a Grafana dashboard) or external (e.g., to a Wiki you maintain with your run book information). Any link can be for just one service, all services in a group, or all services in GroundWork. 

Role based access can be used to restrict visibility of links. There's also a private link feature to make a link you add be just for your user. » Learn more

New filter save button

If you create a filter for a specific named resource, you can now save that filter for later. » Learn more

Google Cloud service discovery

The Google cloud connector now discovers the services you deploy on demand. » Learn more

Cloud Hub support for counters as delta gauges

You can now graph counter-type metrics as deltas (gauge-type) when you monitor them with any Cloud Hub connector. » Learn more

Fixed issues

This section describes the fixes we have included in this maintenance release. There are a relatively large number of fixes due to version 8.0.1 being primarily a bug-fix release to follow the initial 8.0.0 offering. 

GROUNDWORK-530Intermittent session issues when multiple tabs openUI framework
GROUNDWORK-526Auto-discovery NMAP scan failsDiscovery
GROUNDWORK-764NOCBoard Status sort is very slow and intermittentNOC Board
GROUNDWORK-788Commit removes scheduled downtimeMonarch
GROUNDWORK-702BSM notification message link is for old status viewerBSM, NoMa
GROUNDWORK-736Having Only the User Role and no other roles locks user out of systemRoles
GROUNDWORK-744Monarch hostgroups fail creation when contact groups assignedMonarch
GROUNDWORK-761Google Cloud Connector asks for Project Name, when what it needs is project IDGoogle Cloud Connector, Cloud Hub
GROUNDWORK-461GW8 Installer Should Detect Prerequisites in Base SystemInstaller
GROUNDWORK-535NoMa.yaml file moved to  /usr/local/noma/etcNoMa
GROUNDWORK-512Service group creation needs a way to multi-selectCustom Groups
GROUNDWORK-667SNMP symbolic IDs not loadingPlugins
GROUNDWORK-734Too Many Errors on FileBeat containerDocker
GROUNDWORK-215RStools time zones should match the browser timeRStools
GROUNDWORK-463Add index deletion for old elastic indexesElastic
GROUNDWORK-702BSM notification message link is for old status viewerBSM, NoMa
GROUNDWORK-434Master Cipher Key Update for LDAP CredentialsLDAP
GROUNDWORK-126NeDi d3js map does not workNeDi
GROUNDWORK-730Default crontab entry for Nedi missingNeDi, crontab
GROUNDWORK-741Nagios(tm) UI Browser TimezoneNagiosCGIs
GROUNDWORK-743check_nrpe returns "Error - Could not complete SSL handshake"plugins
GROUNDWORK-820Using LDAP perturbs roles based access rights to hostsLDAP

Known issues

This section lists any known issues and limitations with work-arounds.

Monitoring PluginsSome plugins may not workThe plugins included with GroundWork Monitor 8.0.1 are incompletely tested.If you encounter a plugin you need to work that doesn't, please file a support case. We will get you a working version as soon as possible, and include it in later releases.
AcknowledgementsNo host down acknowledgement buttonThe Status Summary for a host does not include a button to acknowledge when a host is down.You can acknowledge this condition using the check boxes on the host listings and choosing "ack selected".
AcknowledgementsCan't acknowledge a service from a SLA dashboardSLA Dashboards displayed in the SLA Carousel have a right-click context menu, but the Acknowledge option is not active.Use the To statusviewer option to acknowledge.
LDAPCannot delete user created by LDAP syncIf you sync LDAP to GroundWork, the users who log in are imported. There's not much point in deleting them unless you disconnect the LDAP server, but even if you do so, the delete function isn't working.There isn't a work-around, but then again there's no hard in leaving these user accounts alone. They will fail login once the LDAP server is inactive. 
Business Service MonitoringDefault bsm-service-01 configured but emptyThe service bsm-service-01 on host bsm-host is included as an example of Business Service Monitoring. It is in the unknown state as the member list is empty. You can remove this (or add members) by going to the Configuration > BSM and SLAs > BSM > Manage Groups, and clicking the delete icon next to the group. 
CommentsAck comments and Downtime comments doubledOn Nagios hosts/services, you may notice comments are sometimes doubled. These are redundant comments. They can be deleted with the "trashcan" icon. 
ReportsSome custom reports have errorsSome of the custom reports for availability  and events don't get created correctly. This issue will be fixed in a future release. 
AutomationThe data source path is not correctIf you migrate your monarch database from a 7.x installation of GroundWork, you may see that the data source path in the automation schema is pointing to the wrong (old) path.
Replace the incorrect path in any schema you need to use. It is generally: 


 where filename is the name of your data file.
LDAPIf you change the master cypher key, LDAP may fail to connectThere is an intermittent race condition that affects the LDAP connection when you update the master cypher. You won't be able to use LDAP to connect if this occurs. 
You can resolve this situation by restarting the groundwork container: 
cd gw8
docker-compose kill groundwork
docker-compose up -d groundwork


The table below outline End-of-Life versions as of version 8.0.0. Current supported versions of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise include the latest version 8.0.1, 8.0.0, and version 7.2.1. For supported architectures and browser compatibility see System Requirements.

VersionEoL AnnouncementEoL Effective Date
Customers should begin transitioning off the EoL version to the latest version.
(12/09/2019 release date of 8.0.0)
GroundWork will no longer provide technical support for GroundWork Monitor version 7.2.0 or earlier. Customers using older versions are advised to contact GroundWork Support regarding upgrade options. Latest release is 7.2.1, and is supported. 

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